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Past Project Examples

We have mastered the art of packaging and have succeeded where others have failed. Our success stories are here to show you how we can help your business thrive.

The Netherlands

Handled the business development of a unique packaging type for Heineken, where the container and beer were produced in two countries.


Conducted a capability study funded by the US Trade Development Agency (USTDA) to build an aluminum can factory with Heineken, Coca-Cola and local Star Brewery


Identified and set up packaging for an energy drink company.


Identified a unique multipack package for a local brewery to cut costs due to an economic downturn.


Set up a countrywide distribution program for a parts company.


Hired a countrywide sales team, trained them, and launched a new product line.


Provided a group of cap torque testers for a leading US brewery, cutting costs and improving the overall quality inspection process.


Reorganized the sales team as well as the distributors of a business to help it grow.

Success Stories

A success story is only as good as the many puzzle pieces that are gathered and analyzed to meet your prospective client’s needs. As hunters, Teton Global Solutions can help you develop an International or domestic growth plan. Call us today to discuss YOUR business growth needs.

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